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Lene Broeng Oddershede (PI)
The Niels Bohr Institute
Blegdamsvej 17
2100 Copenhagen Ø

Tel. +45 2494 2534

Funding (updated in 2011)

Years Grant From PI
2009 1.2 mio Dkr FNU Danish research councils (Equipment) Lene Oddershede
2008-2013 20 mio Dkr Uni. Cph. Excellence Center, bridging physics and molecular biology (MolPhysX) Lene Oddershede
2008-2011 3 mio Dkr Lundbeck Foundation Genevieve Thon
2004-2009 25 mio Dkr BioNET (Villum Kann Rasmussen Center) Mogens H. Jensen
2006-2008 0.6 mio Dkr 'Rammebevilling' from Danish Research Councils, FNU Lene Oddershede
2004-2008 Marie Curie Early Stage Training network Lene Oddershede
2006 1 mio Dkr Carlsbergfoundation (Experimental equipment) Lene Oddershede
Grad. Schl. Mol. Biophys. (Ph.D. stipends) Lene Oddershede
NKT Academy (Ph.D. stipend) Lene Oddershede
2002-2003 SNF (salary for foreign postdoc) Kirstine Berg-Sørensen
2005-2006 Carlsbergfoundation Salary Kirstine Berg-Sørensen
Grad. Schl. of Biomed. Opt. (Ph.D. stipend and guests support)
2002-2004 Lundbeck Foundation (Ph.D and guests support)
2001 Danish Research Councils Technical Research experimental grant (STVF)
2000-2003 Graduate School of Biophysics (PhD fellowship)
1999-2004 6 mio Dkr FREJA grant from the Danish Research Councils Kirstine Berg-Sørensen

The story behind the group.

Mario dhl

The Optical Tweezers group was started in February 1999, at the Niels Bohr Institute, after funding became available from the Danish Research Councils, through the Freja-programme (Female Researchers in Joint Action).

The Group started with construction of the first optical trapping setup in Denmark and has since expanded the instrument park to 4 different optical tweezers setups, along with several biochemical and physical laboratory facilities.

Social activities

Mette Liselotte at barbecue

The group consists of an international team of dedicated scientists. But it also contains young students from around the world, meeting each other in Copenhagen.

Outside of the science, the group also gathers for summer parties and barbecues, and participates in the DHL run along with the rest of the institute.