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Journal Club

Wednesdays, at 9.15, the group has a joint meeting and journal club in kc7 at NBI. In the fall we present our projects, in the spring papers. All members of the group, collaborators and people who find the topic interesting are welcome to participate. The person responsible for the paper of the week is also responsible for bringing some bread.

Fall 2015

Date Responsible Literature
27.8.15 Kishan DholakiaInvited talk: Accelerating progress in light sheet microscopy Thursday at 10.00 AM in kc7
2.9.15 Nader ReihaniInvited talk
16.9.15 Henrikproject presentation
23.9.15 Azraproject presentation
7.10.15 Poul Martinproject presentation
21.10.15 Ann-Katrine+Lenaproject presentation
4.11.15 Liselotteproject presentation
11.11.15 Kamillaproject presentation
18.11.15 Akbar Samadiproject presentation
25.11.15 Christineproject presentation
2.12.15 ChristofferMidterm colloquium
9.12.15 'julehygge'Will take place at 3 PM in kc7.
16.12.15 Younesproject presentation

Spring 2015

Date Responsible Literature
4.2.15 GuillermoProject presentation/midt-term colloquium
18.2.15 InnaProject presentation/midt-term colloquium
25.2.15 Henrik'Thermometry in a living cell' by Kucsko et al., Nature vol 500 p. 54 (2013)
4.3.15 Liselotte'Actin-mircotubule coordination' by Lopez et al., Nature Com vol 5 p. 4778 (2014)
11.3.15 Azra'Controllable electrofusion of lipid vesicles' by Robinson et al., Lab on a chip vol 14 p. 2852 (2014)
18.3.15 Poul Martin'Membrane tension mediates membrane shape transitions' by Shi et al., Nature Com DOI: 10.1038/ncomms6974 (2015).
25.3.15 Natascha'Visualizing focal adhesions with traction maps' by Morimatsu et al., Nano Letters, DOI 10.1021/nl5047335 (2015)
8.4.15 Kamilla'Au Nanomatryoshkas for cancer treatment' by Ayala-Orozco et al., ACS Nano vol 8 p. 6372 (2014).
15.4.15 Ann-Katrine'Biophysical properties of breast cancer cells' by Corbin et al., Lab on a chip vol. 15 p 839 (2015).
6.5.15 in Aud D (at 9.15 AM) Erwin Peterman, Vrije UInvited talk: A single-molecule view on intracellular transport in living C. elegans
13.5.15 Guillermo'Acoustic force spectroscopy' by Sitters et al., Nature Methods vol 12 p 47 (2015)
28.5.15 Dino'Foldscope' by Cybulski et al., PlosOne vol 9 p e98781 (2014)
3.6.15 Inna'No DNA damage response... terahertz radiation' by Bogomazova et al., Scientific Reports vol 5 p 7749 (2015).
10.6.15 Christoffer'Targeted intracellular delivery of proteins' by Morales et al., Molecular Pharmaceutics vol. 12 p. 600 (2014)
17.6.15 Christine RitterPaper presentation

Fall 2014

Date Responsible Literature
3.9.14 LeneUpdates
10.9.14 ThomasProject presentation
17.9.14 Ann-KatrineProject presentation
24.9.14 DinoProject presentation
1.10.14 LiselotteProject presentation
22.10.14 ChristineProject presentation
29.10.14 KamillaProject presentation
5.11.14 HenrikProject presentation
12.11.14 SeyyedProject presentation
19.11.14 NataschaProject presentation
26.11.14 Poul MartinProject presentation
3.12.14 AzraProject presentation
10.12.14 -julehygge at 3.00 PM

Spring 2014

Date Responsible Literature
5.2.14 Jonas Nyvold Pedersen, DTU'Thermophoreses'
26.2.14 DinoPROJECT presentation
5.3.14 AzraPROJECT presentation
12.3.14 LiselotteCortical dynein controls microtubule dynamics, Laan et al., Cell vol. 148 p.502 (2012)
19.3.14 Henrik'Filopodia pull with discrete steps...' Kress et al., PNAS vol. 104 p, 11633 (2007)
26.3.14 Christine'Chromatin decondensation...downregulation in embryonic stem cells' Chalut et al., Biophysical J, vol. 103 p.2060 (2012)
2.4.14 Andreas'Actin etc cooperate for elongation of invadopodia' Schoumacher et al., JCB vol.189 p.541 (2010)
9.4.14 HongwuResearch presentation
30.4.14 YounesResearch presentation
7.5.14 Poul Martin'Influenza virus M2 protein mediates membrane scission' Rossman et al. Cell vol.142 p.902 (2010)
14.5.14 Chano'Modular plasmonic nanocarriers...' Huang et al., Nano Letters vol.14 p.2046 (2014)
28.5.14 Kamilla'In vivo instability of Au-Ag nanoshells...' Goodman et al., ACS Nano vol.8 p.3222 (2014)
4.6.14 Jesper'Prostate Cancer Thermal Ablation with GNS...' Stern et al., Journal of Urology vol.179 p.748 (2008).
11.6.14 Dino'3D visualization of cellular uptake of nanoparticles...' Welsher et al., Nature Nanotechnology vol. 9 p.198 (2014)
19+20.6.14 LeneGroup retreat in Vollerup

Fall 2013

Date Responsible Literature
21.8.13 Nader ReihaniOptical Trapping in Air
4.9.13 Mirella BucciEditor of Nature Chemical Biology, talk in Aud A at 13.15
25.9.13 -meeting
2.10.13 MariaMidterm colloquium
9.10.13 Henrikproject presenation
30.10.13 Christineproject presentation
6.11.13 Andreasproject presentation
13.11.13 Kamillaproject presentation
27.11.13 HaiyanPhD thesis defense at 12.15 in Aud A
2.12.13 AndersPhD thesis defense at 12.15 in Aud A
4.12.13 Liselotteproject presentation
11.12.13 Poul Martinproject presentation
13.12.13 Ann-KatrineSpeciale defense at 14.15 in Aud M
Feb 2014 Dinoproject presentation

Spring 2013

Date Responsible Literature
6.2.13 Mette KongstadPresentation of project
20.2.13 ThomasMidtterm evaluation
27.2.13 Natascha'Cell cytoskeleton and tether extraction' by Pontes et al., Biophys J vol. 101 p.43 (2011)
6.3.13 Pia'Time evolution of amyloid fibril length distribution...' by Arosio et al., Chemical Engineering Science vol. 78 p.21 (2012)
13.3.13 Anders'3D optical manipulation of a single electron spin' by Geiselmann et al., Nature Nanotechnology vol. 8 p. 175 (2013)
3.4.13 Henrik'3D exploration and mechano-biophysical analysis of cells' by Barroso et al., small vol. 9 p.885 (2013)
10.4.13 Poul Martin'Membrane shape at the Edge of the Dynamin Helix and fission...' S. Morlot et al., Cell vol.151 p.619 (2012)
17.4.13 Haiyan'Solar Vapor Generation Enabled by Nanoparticles' by O. Neumann et al., Nano Letters vol.7 p.42 (2013)
24.4.13 Rebecca'Ribosomal S1 unwinds dsRNA' by Qu et al., PNAS vol. 109 p. 14458 (2012)
8.5.13 Dino'Swimming efficiency of E coli' by Chattopadhyay et al., PNAS vol. 103 p. 13712 (2006)
15.5.13 Kamilla'Gene silencing by laser triggered delivery' by Huschka et al., ACS Nano vol. 6 p. 7681 (2012)
22.5.13 AzraSpeciale thesis
29.5.13 Ann-Katrine'Detection of promoter-polymerase interactions using a nanoplasmonic sensor' by M.S. Song et al., Advanced Materials vol. 25 p.1265 (2013)
12.6.13 MariaPaper
26.6.13 LenePaper

Fall 2012

Date Responsible Literature
12.9.12 YounesPresentation of project
19.9.12 DinoPresentation of project
26.9.12 RebeccaPresentation of project
3.10.12 AndersPresentation of project
10.10.12 HenrikPresentation of project
31.10.12 HaiyanPresentation of project
7.11.12 NataschaPresentation of project
14.11.12 KamillaPresentation of project
21.11.12 Poul MartinPresentation of project
28.11.12 PiaPresentation of project
5.12.12 NinnaPresentation of project
12.12.12 Ann-KatrinePresentation of project

Spring 2012

Date Responsible Literature
1.2.12 Lene'Nano-ear' by Ohlinger et al., PRL 108 p.018101 (2012)
8.2.12 Jesper'Fluorescence Competition Assay Measurements of Free Energy Changes for RNA Pseudoknots' by Lui, Biochem. vol. 49 (3), p. 623–634 (2009)
22.2.12 Natascha'Mechanical Load on Collagen Proteolysis' by Adhikari et al., JACS vol.133 p.1686 (2011)
7.3.12 Rebecca'Triplex structures in an RNA pseudoknot...' by Chen et al., PNAS vol.106 (2009)
14.3.12 Dan'Friction and torque govern the relaxation of DNA supercoils...' by Koster, Nature vol. 434, p. 671 (2005)
21.3.12 Pradeep'Higher social class predicts increased unethical behavior' by Piff, PNAS (published online 2012)
11.4.12 Anders'Imaging nm-Sized 𝛼-Synuclein Aggregates...' by Roberti, Biophys. J. vol. 102, p. 1598 (2012)
18.4.12 Ninna'Collective cell guidance by cooperative intercellular forces' by Tambe, Nature Mat. vol. 10, p. 469 (2011)
9.5.12 Kamilla'Stimulus dependent dynamics of p53' by Batchelor et al., Molecular Systems Biology, vol. 7 p.1 (2011)
16.5.12 Haiyan'Intracellular temperature mapping with a fluorescent thermometer' by Okabe et al., Nature Communications (2012)
23.5.12 Henrik'Role of glycocalix in reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton' by The et al., PNAS vol. 101 p.16483 (2004)
6.6.12 Stokholm'Cisplatin induces loop structures and condensation of DNA' by Hou et al., NAR vol. 37 p.1400 (2009)
13.6.12 Poul Martin'N-Bar on Tubular membranes' by Zhu et al. Biophys J. vol. 102 p. 1837 (2012)

Lab Reservations

We have three optical tweezers benches available based on excellent Leica microscopes. In addition, we have a JPK nanotracker and a confocal microscope.
Google Calendar is being used to keep track of the time slots.

Setup Notes Login name
OT1 Dual trap nbitweezer1
OT2 Single trap in Leica SP5 nbitweezer2
OT3 Single trap, low power nbitweezer3
OT4 Leica SP5 (new) nbitweezer4
NanoTracker Dual trap nbinanotracker
Olympus No trap, confocal otgroupolympus
Password: Ask Lene.

On weekdays, please stick to time-slots either before or after 2 PM. You can have at most 3 reservations per week during normal work hours (Mon-Fri 8-18).
On holidays and weekends, you are welcome to reserve the equipment at any time.

Internal Documents and wiki

The group has a wiki for storing various experimental protocols and manuals for the different optical setups. It can be found here.

Ask Lene for username and password.